What would it take to be the best sport marketing agency in the country this year?
Jon Spoelstra,


We set up, develop and activate remarkable partnership between companies and sport properties.

Personal branding

We help athletes create their personal brand, shape their career path and generate endorsement opportunities.

The best ideas cannot be stolen
Mark H. McCormack,
Never Wrestle with a Pig
  • Projects, not packages

    We create tailor-made projects that fit each client's unique needs and goals. Our focus is on delivering bespoke marketing and activation plans, that drive tangible results and create long-lasting impacts.

  • Make our client a hero

    We are out there helping our clients reach the peak of their potential. We run compelling marketing strategies and cutting edge solutions to elevate their image and drive fan engagement.

  • Never settle for second best

    We strive for excellence, with dedication to innovation and brilliant execution that fuels our clients journey to stand out of the crowd.

Time in front of the customer is the best time of all
Mark H. McCormack,
Never Wrestle with a Pig

Down the road with

If you aren't willing to take a few risks in marketing, become a bean counter.
Jon Spoelstra,
Marketing Outrageously

San Carlo-NBA '21-22-23

LNP OWW activation

LNP OWW events




Moretti-Europa League


Adidas – LNP Under 21

Lanieri – LNP MVP

Pallacanestro Cantù

Errea Final8 Serie A


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